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“You have done a great job on the trucks. We are very happy! We were all thinking this project would take a year and a half in the beginning and it's just crazy it only took eight months to get all five of them done.”

Dave Sutherlin, Fire Chief
Buck Creek Township Fire Department

New Gen 2 Ambulances

Our Gen2 ambulances give customers the opportunity to save thousands of dollars on a new truck by utilizing an existing box from Arrow’s vast inventory. Customers have the opportunity to browse all brands in one location and choose which one they like best.

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Arrow Manufacturing has specialized in saving our customers money on emergency vehicles for over 25 years. Whether it's new, used, remounted or reconditioned, we provide quality emergency vehicles at more affordable prices.

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Ambulance Remounting

The definition of ambulance remounting is to make use of a box that already exists. We recondition the existing box’s interior and exterior and remount it on a new chassis. At the end of the process, we can pass tremendous cost savings on to our customers.

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